Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Letting Go

My mom is now living in a Residential Care home, after several stressful weeks of assessments and months of increasing dementia. The caregivers there are very kind, and although it has only been a few days, she seems to be settling in. She was beginning to "wander", and knowing she is safe is a huge relief for me.

The challenge for me now is letting go. A manager by nature and profession, I find myself continuing to micro-manage doctor, hair dressing and dentist appointments, just as I used to. And when I'm not micro-managing, well, I'm just plain thinking about her.


  1. It's hard to let go of the things that we are used to doing. With time you will let other things into your mind to share the space with thoughts of your mom. You can relaxe a bit and know that if she wanders it will only be within the care facility and you won't have to worry. So take a deep breath and let it out slowly taking all the worry with it. Big Hugs to you.

  2. Great picture of two beautiful women!