Monday, January 18, 2010

Don't Worry

I have limited art supplies with me in Palm Springs - two sets of golf clubs in the trunk don't leave much room! So, squeezed into a small box is a 4" x 6" art journal, some watercolor pencils and crayons, a gel pen and and a few stamps. (There are stores here, right?)

On an outing to the mall, I got inspired by a book called Journal Bliss (, and here's one of my first attempts at drawing my own faces.
Please excuse the photo imperfections, including the fingers holding the journal open.


  1. One of my favorite verses! This is such an artsy fun to see!

  2. This is great sis! Amazing what one can do with limited supplies. Perhaps we get overwhelmed when we have too many supplies to choose from.

  3. Love the statement. It is so true but something I think we all forget on occasion.