Saturday, August 21, 2010

France Journal

The pictures from my last trip to France have sat in Cyberspace for almost five years. I'm not a scrapbooker, but I love artists books and journals. I've been seeking (well, maybe only in my mind), a way to reconcile these differences, and postponing my France Journal in the meantime.

And then fate joined me up with Lelainia over at Tattered Edge and with a new (to me) Bind-It-All machine. I suddenly wanted to sew things on journal pages like in Lelainia's Remains of the Day journals. (See here for Remains of the Day journal classes. I haven't had a chance to take one yet, but Lelainia says they are great.)

So, I hauled out my bulging envelope of brochures and maps from my France trip, and here is the result.










I can now go on my next trip to Europe without feeling guilty about unfinished "business" from the last one. My DH has just booked us to go to Spain in September!


O Arrow said...

That turned out so great! It looks so intriguing and pretty. Have a fantastic time in Spain!

okanagan_spirit said...

Nice job, Susan. You beat me to it, I've been thinking about stitching things into my Zutter journals for awhile, just haven't done it yet.

Sandie R said...

What a great alternative to scrapbooking. It looks much more interesting than an actual scrapbook as well. More about the sites and experiences than the display.

Passionforstamping said...

This looks great. So much more interesting than a scrapbook page or a photo album. Can't wait to see the Spain journal.