Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Papers of My Life - Volume I

I have found a way to combine my tendency to packrat paper with my interest in Art Journalling, and I must say I'm thrilled.  I have bound some of the papers together to form the beginnings of an art journal, and I'm already saving for Volume 2!

I won't take credit for this brilliant idea, however - it was inspired by Hanna, whose blog I follow avidly.  Thanks Hanna!

Coincidentally, Michelle Ward at GPP Street Team is asking us to create "evidence" pages in our journals this month.  So this idea is kind of an "Evidence Journal".

Here are a few snaps to give you the idea:


The Cover - no, I can't even throw a pizza box away!


A Library Card showing the title of the journal and a scene I stamped on a visit to my sister's house.


Recognize those scraps?


A handwritten letter I received at Christmas - too precious to toss!


A beautiful card my sister made for me.


"Evidence" collected at a visit to the Vancouver Art Gallery.


  1. Susan, congrats on the start of a new journal. Looks like you are motivated to make the most of it already. Love the evidence, particularly the visit to the art gallery - such simplicity using the cards and the brief words...and the date stamp! Thanks for sharing with the team!

  2. What a great idea as I am a paper packrat as well but never thought of making a journal with them. This could be a very good reason to put a Bind it All on my wish list. Couldn't justify it before. Love the cover. LOL

  3. Every day I want a binder more and more!! Your journal is great, I love the idea of binding a letter! M

  4. I love your journal, sis! You have a wonderful assortment of entries in there. I particularly love the findings from the art gallery.

  5. What a great new journal! Love the pages you shared!

  6. What a great idea it is to save all those papers and bind them together. Thanks for showing us how the journal evolved--from the cover to the beautiful black and white photo cards. I love that it is themed the way your life is--whatever happens, rather than by "trees" or "friends"--thanks for sharing!

  7. Really fun to peek inside what you had done for your days. All evidence paste in are so precious.

  8. I too have just started a new journal to help use of some of the treasured bits and pieces I just can't bare to throw away. I just love how yours is coming along. looking forward to seeing more photos of it as work progresses.
    All my best-

  9. Your art journal looks great, very inspirational.
    Thanks for sharing.

  10. Awesome journal and a great start on a new journaling adventure. Have fun and enjoy the ride!

  11. What a great idea for journal pages, all the bits and pieces from life that have special meanings. Thanks for sharing!

  12. I think this is a great idea. How much fun it would be to pick one month, and just bind together all the interesting pieces of paper that "happen" during that month.

  13. COOL stuff!! I like that you documented the handwritten letter! Those stamps on the first open page are amazing.

    HA! the pizza box. I love it. I have so many cereal boxes for future projects! I may just use one bare now!