Monday, October 10, 2011

Stencils are All the RAGE.......

in art journals.  They look like this:

Only I didn't do this with stencils.  I did it with stamps and masks, which I already have.  Recently, I was admiring the lovely stencil work done in journals, and was contemplating the acquisition of some stencils.  They aren't horribly  expensive, but another storage problem I DO NOT NEED.  Then I thought "Wait a minute, can't I do this with stamps?  And I have lots of those."

Right about now, you may have some questions, such as:

What's the difference between a mask and a stencil?
A mask covers an area so you can apply colour around it.  See the bird in the tree on the left side of this journal page?

With a stencil, you apply the colour inside the cut out area.  So a stencil is a positive image and a mask is a negative image.

Are stamps positive or negative images?
They can be either, but usually they are positive images.

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