Friday, June 14, 2013

For the Love of Turkey

This is the back of an envelope I made for my  Introduction to Art Concepts & Techniques course.  We are studying “Correspondence with Memory” this week,  which is Mail Art with a theme of Memories.  

Some of my favorite memories are those of travel.  I made my envelope from a map of Bodrum, Turkey, where I visited last year.  As I walked the streets of Bodrum, the map became well worn.  My best memories of my trip to Turkey involve the wonderful, kind, hospitable people and the fabulous ruins, so I glued pictures of these to the envelope.  Inside the envelope is a ticket to an archaeological site and a rose made for me by a waiter from a napkin.  I hope people will want to make a trip to Turkey when they see this mail art!

Here is the front of the envelope:

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