Monday, December 30, 2013

Cactus #22 - En Plein Aire

The other day I hopped on my bike with my journal and watercolor paints to paint "en plein aire".  I found a rather interesting small garden by the side of the road, near an autobody shop where cacti and old metal found a home together.

I learned a couple of things about "en plein aire" which seem obvious in retrospect:  It is hard to paint on your lap, even if you are lucky enough to find a place to sit down.  Sketching is easier and I can add colour back at home.  Without an easel, painting isn't practical for me, but I enjoyed sketching outdoors.  I've done this a few times here while walking around our condominium complex which is nicely landscaped with cacti.


rose of Walk in the Woods, LLC said...

What a nice experience for you! My spouse is a plein air painter and his easel is a must. All the same, I love your sketch!

Anonymous said...

Very nice, Susan : )