Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Recycled Art

My grand nephew in Toronto celebrates his 5th birthday this month.  His mother, my niece, does a great job of helping us "far-away-relatives" find gifts that he will enjoy.  This year, she suggested that Rylan would enjoy a subscription to National Geographic Kids.  (She's got it figured out that I love to send books.)

This ATC was sitting in my swap binder, unclaimed and unloved.  It wasn't one of my best - it had a strip of green paper running across it that wasn't very exciting.  So I added my version of the National Geographic logo to the strip of paper and mounted it on a white card to send to Rylan.  It will take several weeks before he actually receives the first magazine, so I hope that this will help him understand what he'll receive.

Happy Birthday, Rylan!

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