Friday, July 4, 2014

I Thought I Had a Plan

It started as an experiment.  I wanted to do a bit of "composing" my alcohol inks, rather than dabbing the ink all over in a background pattern.  Then, I thought, I'd cut them into Artist Trading Cards and stamp on top of them.  That was the plan.

But now, some of these seem too nice to cut up and too nice to stamp on.  Some of them seem to stand alone somehow.  Greeting cards?  (Sorry about the camera glare, the alcohol inks need glossy paper.)

In the first, my sister, Dianne, saw birch trees:

 Here's a sky over grass:

Waves on a rocky shore:

Flowers over a field:

Waves at sunset:

Not sure about this one, maybe cut this into ATC's:

I'm not sure about this one either:

"Sittin' on the dock of the bay", well OK, under it:

What do you think?  Any ideas about what I should do with these?


  1. Way too nice to stamp on or cut up!

  2. these are all beautiful, maybe journal pages? or you could totally mail that waves at sunset one to me :) wonderful!