Sunday, December 14, 2014

Testing Testing 1 2 3

Yesterday I tested out my Gelatos:

Swatches  of CanvaSkin, Oil Painting Pad and Yupo (clockwise)

Drawing on Watercolor Paper

Drawing on Grumbacher Oil Painting Pad

Drawing on CanvaSkin

The paper canvas made for oil painting (both the Grumbacher and the CanvaSkin) definitely won out.  (Another satisfactory method is to gesso your paper first, but I find this step too tedious for words.)  I don't do oil painting and I have a lot of this paper canvas from another era, so I'm happy to find a use for it.

Next I tried stamping with Gelatos: 

I found getting the right amount of water on my stamp frustrating, as well as choosing the right kind of stamp.  Although some of these are usable, I prefer ink pads or markers, so I'll probably give this a miss, unless a specific project dictates their use.

Being a multimedia artist is hard - I'm a "jack of all trades and master of none".  I don't do enough of this kind of testing with my various media, so this was time well spent!

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