Thursday, December 17, 2015

Why We Have an Obesity Problem in North America

This, folks, is a juice glass.  It holds 4 oz., or about 100 ml.  When I saw this cute retro glass in our Palm Springs condo, I was reminded of my childhood breakfasts.  This is the size of glass that my mother used to serve juice to us in the morning before school.
A small orange juice at McDonalds is 12 oz.  Even if math isn't your strong suit, I think you can figure out why we have an obesity problem in North America.  Enough said.
"Wot?  No art?" my friend Janice will ask.  Well, I've done a few sketches that aren't worth posting and a blatant copy of something I saw on Diana Trout's blog.  I love Art Nouveau, and I'm ashamed to say that I haven't heard of Charles Rennie MacIntosh.  More study will definitely result.  Do you know where Picasso got the idea of the thick black lines that I copied here?  Art Nouveau.


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Anonymous said...

And that is why I drink wine!