Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Bible Journaling

I have weakened and bought a Journaling Bible.  In my defense, a new Bible is not a new journal, right?  Technically, mine is called a "coloring bible", because there are lots of printed designs for the times when I feel like coloring rather than designing an illustration of my own.  (I didn't think I would buy one of these but when I went to the bookstore, I found the one with illustrations so much more inspiring than the blank ones.)

These two illustrations are mine.  I love everything about the new bible and the process:
  • an opportunity to think more deeply about the verse as I am drawing or coloring,
  • the look of the illustrations beside the text,
  • the inspiration provided by the words,
  • the community of Bible journalers on social media,
  • the shape of the margins - just like bookmarks,
  • the excitement of learning and doing something new, and
  • the enforced limitation of supplies.  This helps to narrow down the dizzying array of media I dabble in.  Many people use clear gesso to prepare their thin Bible pages before journaling.  So far I am just choosing media that will work without this process.
I have rediscovered Repeat Pattern Stacks.  They are perfect for the narrow journaling margins.

Pencil Crayons, Micron Pen

Gel Pens work well too.

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