Monday, November 16, 2009

Mistakes Happen

Let's face it, when you are painting, mistakes happen.  Sometimes you can fix the mistake, and sometimes you can't.  My sister, Dianne, throws these in the "poubelle".  (She lives in Montreal, and that's what they call the "garbage can" there).
Now, I must confess that I am a pack rat.  (You would think that I was raised in the Great Depression, but I'm not quite that old.)  So when I make a mistake that I can't fix, I can't always bear to launch it into the poubelle.  It goes into an envelope and into a drawer until I run out of space in my craft room/office, at which time I throw it all away in a rage of de-cluttering.
It's going to be even harder to throw away the mistakes now that I've discovered you can make them into inchies!


  1. I love what you did with your "mistake". From now on, only screwups measuring less than 1 X 1 will go in the poubelle. Well, at least until I run out of space. Miss ya sis!

  2. Obviously the mistake has been punched out of this mounting of your inchies. Guess this means I can justify buying a one inch punch now so I don't have so much going into the "poubelle". Another great card Susan.