Sunday, May 9, 2010

Creation of a Journal Page

I like working in my journal because it answers the call of inspiration without the pressure to "complete".  Sometimes I'm inspired to do a background, sometimes to work with patterned paper, sometimes to stamp, and sometimes to write.  I work on many pages at once to provide these various inspirations with outlets.

Some of you may like to see the "progression" of a page:

First I do a background, and I may add some borders either glued or painted onto the page.  This one is just plain watercolour with some borders cut from an old book:


One day, I grabbed a piece of sponged scrap from my "red" baggie, and stamped out two new stamps:


I cut these out, glued them on the page and added some journalling and white doodling.  Thinking the page was finished, I included the date.  But a few days ago I added the masks, spelling out the name of the store where I bought some of these lovely things.


So, I think that  journal pages are never finished!!  Another part of the attraction.


  1. Thanks for sharing your process, sis. I can totally understand where you are coming from. So often I'll WANT to stamp something, but I'm just not inspired. This is a wonderful way to be creative without all the stress of having to complete. BRAVO!

  2. Nice page, I like the colours of the sponged paper showing through the stamp images.