Thursday, May 20, 2010

When an Independent Store Closes

Remember this?


This journal page was inspired by one of my favourite Vancouver collage and art supply stores,  RubyDog's Art House.  Leanne, the owner, has  to close, and I am sick about it.  Sick and owning it.  Every time we shop at those big US chains (we know who I mean, don't we), we knock another nail in the coffin of our neighbours' stores.  Well, unless we have an unlimited supply of cash and storage space, that is.

If you live in Vancouver, go down and check out RubyDog's before you can't anymore!


  1. What a great journal page. Sorry to hear Ruby Dogs is closing again. It seems like forever since I've been to Vancouver to shop. Is Leanne keeping the on-line Collage Joy.

  2. I luv Ruby Dogs! and so sad she's not going to be able to stay open.
    She has such awesome stuff....a lot of which I've managed to bring home! Gonna head there today/tomorrow - need some cheering up with this lovely weather we're having!