Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Visual Chronicles

I've been reading Visual Chronicles:  The No-Fear guide to Creating Art Journals, Creating Manifestos, and Altered Books, by Linda Woods And Karen Dinino.  It is a delightfully light look at art journaling, and addresses the fears many people have who are tempted to start an art journal (I can't draw, I can't write, I don't have time, etc.).  In just 15 minutes a day, you can create a visual chronicle of your life.  One of the tips is to use 10 words or less on a page. 

I've been cleaning out my studio, and have found a few things I don't know what to do with but can't bear to throw away.  Here is one of them:


And the card flips open:


That "thing" is a feather duster, by the way.  I can't draw either!

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  1. Your journal page is so sweet! I am glad you are enjoying the book :)