Monday, March 28, 2011

Bind it ALL

Yes, everything that isn't nailed down gets made into a book.  I love books.  My latest Bind-it-All project is a book of card designs, probably the first in a series.  This book focuses on designs using square, stamped images.  It contains cards I have made myself, cards I have been sent (the green one comes from my talented sister, Dianne), swap cards, and cards I have made in classes.



The idea was hatched out of my obsession with good design, and my inability to create a design quickly when I want to use a certain image on a card.  So, whenever I find a card design that I think is strong, I save it in a series of stacks sorted by image size and shape.  When I have enough for a book, I'll bind them together with my Bind-it-All.

Although I have the same sort of system devised for the many cards I see on blogs which I think have strong design, very few blogs give you all the measurements you need to recreate the cards quickly.  By having these samples,  I can quickly re-create a design I like.  In my dreams, I have taken all those Internet Favourites I have saved and created samples for my books.

My sister says I think too much.

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  1. Think to much? or OCD per chance. It is a great idea though.