Saturday, March 12, 2011

Desperate Stampers Do Desperate Things

When I was in Montreal visiting my sister, we created these tags:


I say we, because my sister was very important in the creation of these tags.  I was sick and uninspired and she nudged me along, including dragging out to the kitchen three of her "go-to" stamps.  If you look closely, you can see them:  some prickly branches, some dots, and a scribble.  She said to me in her enthusiastic, emphatic way, "You absolutely must have these stamps!  Anytime you don't know what to do next, you just get out these stamps and it will all come together."  "Hmmm", I thought, in my much more hesitant way.  "I often don't know what to do next; I wonder if she's right?"

She had also given me a challenge that no serious stamp collector could resist.  I couldn't find them in any stores, but I ordered the twigs off the net because Stampscapes has a nice low shipping cost if you don't order much.  One down, two to go.   Last week I made a last ditch local expedition to find those stamps.  No luck.

With all my stamps you would think I have lots of dots and scribbles by now, wouldn't you?  A search through my stamp catalogue yielded some dots all right - a big background stamp made from textured wallpaper.   That got the wheels turning, I tell ya.   Why not just cut a bit into a small shape I can stamp about with panache, like my sister?  Some fun foam for mounting, a plastic handle I don't use, and it was done in five minutes.


What do you think?


  1. I could hear those wheels turning from here. You always manage to come up with a solution and the fact that it was FREE makes it even better. Kudos to you sistah! Oh.... I love your tags too.

  2. What lengths we will go to when we can't find what we really want. Great job on the stamp and I also love your tags.