Wednesday, June 13, 2012


I'm enjoying Randel Plowman's A Collage A Day blog, and it inspired me to make this Artist Trading Card:


  1. Your ATCs are really pretty, I was amazed at your calligraphy on your last post.
    I should take up calligraphy to improve my horrible lefty handwriting.
    Is the parallel pen hard to use?

  2. Boy, it looks like you make just about everything - or everything paper, I should say! :) Very cool ATC and though that's one thing I haven't taken up yet, I sure admire all the great ones circulating out there - and that includes yours. I enjoyed browsing your site.

  3. Susan you have created another beauty. I love your proud looking blue bird. Your calligraphy from yesterday looked terrific. I once thought of giving it a try but here there is no place to take classes. Hope your day is not as soggy as mine.