Saturday, April 13, 2013

Silly Scraps Saturday

Welcome to Silly Scraps Saturday!  This soon to be regular event was inspired by iHanna's post "Every Artist Needs a Scrap Notebook".  I have a lot of scraps, and I love to make journals (we're not disclosing the latest count of those), so I immediately made a small journal using my Bind-It-All and started to make small, restrained collages.  iHanna promises that these will be good for my me and my art.  How small?  2 - 4 pieces, she advises.

I showed a few of the collages to my sister, Dianne, who said they were good enough for blog posting, and she suggested "Silly Scraps Saturday".  So here's the first!  If this Chiquita sticker isn't silly enough for you, then nothing is.  It says "Place sticker on forehead.  Smile."

Thanks to iHanna and Dianne for the inspiration!


Passionforstamping said...

Love your premiere posting. I'm looking forward to your weekly post which I know will inspire me. Wonderful work, sistah!

Sylvia said...


That sticker is wonderful!