Sunday, September 22, 2013

29 Faces: #25 - Another One For Janice

My friend Janice keeps putting my colored drawings on her blog.  So I keep drawing them.  Maybe encouragement is the best form of inspiration? 
This poor woman looks a little unsure of herself.   And her nose was definitely not that fat in the photo.


  1. Another super one! It is essential to be encouraged...perhaps even more important than inspiration. Now, I'll soon be expecting a different subject on blank paper now that the 29 Day Challenge is almost complete. I love my ATC "En Provence"....perhaps a French theme?

  2. You may not like the drawing compared to the original, but I think it is good. I have yet to draw someone from a photo and have them recognize them self. It's a matter of practice, really looking at the photo, practice, really looking at the photo, etc.