Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Being Creative with Limited Supplies

Sunday was the Vancouver Artist Trading Card swap, and I eagerly packed a bag to go attend the pre-swap "Make Art" session.  I included bags full of magazine photos which I wanted to sort through, intending to keep those that inspire me to draw, and chuck the rest.  I packed a journal and watercolor pencils, or so I thought.

When I arrived I discovered that the journal had jumped out of the bag en-route.  (Later I found it on the corner of my desk at home.)  So, I sorted the photos and wondered sadly how I was going to make art without my journal.  I glanced around the room and saw a couple of sheets of discarded printer paper.  I drew these geese and penguins and realized once again how little we really need to be creative.

Yesterday I mounted my little drawings into a journal using washi tape.  I'm not sure why, but these simple sketches make me happy.


  1. Because they're on blank paper, of course! :)

  2. Art is everywhere! How wonderfully you create!!! mw