Saturday, October 18, 2014

What? No Art?

That's what my friend Janice asks when I haven't posted anything for a few days.  This time we can credit her for this.

It started with a play day of alcohol inks.  She posted about it here.  What she didn't say in this post is that she kindly brought a couple of storage bins for me.  "In case you can use them", she said.  The next day my office/studio looked like this:

It took a few days, and it still isn't finished, but now we have this:

Calligraphy Supplies

A Clean Desk Drawer

Organized Craft and Office Supplies

Thanks, Janice!  I really needed to discard some things I no longer use, and you prompted it all.  Thanks also to my sister, Dianne, too, who gave me some good ideas when my office was torn apart and I couldn't see the way forward.  She and I call it "doing a reorg".

So, I haven't done any art this week.  I'm off to Tai Chi this morning, but I must think this afternoon about the ATC swap tomorrow.  That might prompt something!

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