Monday, November 17, 2014

Acrylics in a Small Space

I do my art in my home office.  It is a very small space, and isn't really set up for "mess making".  Therefore, I tend to avoid acrylics.

My favorite art partner in crime is my sister, Dianne, who lives across the country from me.  She and I have been talking a lot about The Documented Life Project, which is a combined planner and art journal project.  

One of the talented people behind this project posted a video on her blog recently, and I learned a few things about using acrylics in a small space:
  • She paints directly from the tube (no palette).   If she needs to put paint on something she uses an old credit card that she holds in her hand. 
  • She applies paint with the same card and she also uses her fingers a lot.  
  • She doesn't use water.  If she uses a brush, she wipes it right on the page and then on a paper towel.  
If you work in a small space, I encourage you to watch the video!

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