Friday, July 29, 2016

Gathering Inspiration or Seriously Blocked?

I'm taking Alisa Burke's Watercolor Blooms class.  As usual, she is seriously fun.  Enthusiastically, I did an exercise on playing with my supplies:

Then I stalled, for some reason.  The weather is beautiful and I've taken to the streets and parks to gather inspiration instead.  (This is one of Alisa's suggestions, so I'll say I'm doing my homework.)

But at the back of my mind, I'm wondering if I'm suffering a creative block.  The section of the course I'm at now should be my favorite - Painting on a Wet Surface.  Yet I'm fearful, somehow, of continuing.  Too many choices to make - size, color?  Will it be as good as others I've seen?

Oh brother, I think I'll go and slop paint on my Painterly Days coloring book.  Maybe that'll get me over it.

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Godelieve said...

I can see you are enjoying this class too! Just continue and have fun! This looks great!