Saturday, July 23, 2016

Silly Scraps Saturday - Crazy Paper Quilt Tutorial

Crazy Paper Quilt ATC
Bird Stamp by Inkadinkado

I promised a bit of a tutorial on the crazy paper quilting I'm currently addicted to.  It's a great way to use up your scraps of paper.

First, I cut a piece of rice paper slightly larger than ATC size.  I use rice paper because I want a sturdy but lightweight backing for my quilt.  Once it is finished, I'll adhere this to an ATC sized card, but I don't want too many bulky card stock layers.  You could do this quilt directly onto the finished card, but I'm never sure whether I'll want to hide stitching, so I'm using rice paper.

Next, I glued a small scrap onto the rice paper.  Notice the scale; ATC's are small, so this scrap is small.  This scrap is a piece left over from a magazine page colored with acrylic paint, but anything will do.

Now I start to attach my scraps around each side.  The scraps can be any size or shape, but the edges should be straight.  Just go around the centre scrap one edge at a time. 

Looks awful, doesn't it?  Have faith.  Keep going.

Now I've gone around the centre scrap once, I keep going around until the rice paper is all covered:

Lastly, I trim all four sides to the finished ATC size.

I didn't plan the colors at all, I just randomly attached scraps from my scrap box.  I love the look of these and they are very fun!

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