Saturday, September 3, 2016

Watercolor Brush Holder

Well, the big "reorg" is finished, and I must say, I'm thrilled.  Mostly because I can find everything I want easily, and my office/studio is much less cluttered.  My desk is entirely empty except for my laptop, speakers, printer, and OttLite, leaving me lots of room to create!

The inspiration and methodology for the reorganization was this post on Peony and Parakeet, who recently did her studio by using the Konmari method from this bestselling book.  One of the foundations of the method is to store common things together, and as I was trying to declutter my desk (another foundation of the method), I needed to find a way to store paint brushes inside a drawer.  So I made this cute little roll-up brush holder, which also gave me a fun sewing project to satisfy my creative urges.

Here's a picture of it rolled up:

and one with the pencil case that I made some months ago.

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