Saturday, August 11, 2018

Life Drawing (Library Style) and Surviving a Heat Wave

I went to my local library this week to get some respite from the heat.  In addition to cooling down, I also managed to use up several sheets of canvas paper in a journal that I'm trying to finish.

Roz of "Roz Wound Up" is one of my journal heroes.  She draws and paints like a pro (OK, she is a pro), keeps a visual journal and makes her own journals.  She wrote (in the blog post linked above) that one way of using up a partially filled journal is to take it to life drawing class.  I don't do life drawing classes, but I can go somewhere and draw people, right?  She was right....I burned through several pages in half an hour.

I wasn't going to post all of these drawings, but now that I see them, they kind of tell a story about my afternoon.  First I did some warm-ups. 

 If only those people would stop moving!  Of course I could have chosen people who were sitting quietly rather than chatting and playing with their phones, but where's the challenge in that??

 Frustrated, I drew the self-serve Holds Shelf.  (Note the time on the clock; it tells you how long each of these drawings took.)

The computers are very popular:

And yes, there was actually one person reading:

All in all, a successful and cool way to spend some time!  Now I have to get back to that journal.....

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