Friday, June 18, 2010

Grid Lock and Baggies

This month on GPP Street Team, Michelle Ward is challenging us to do a grid in our journal.  She even shows a really nifty way of dividing your paper up without having to do the difficult math and measuring.  I like this!

She suggests that we might want to use some of the new paper we buy "for ourselves", thereby freeing us from the "pack-rat" syndrome that prevents us from cutting into the beautiful papers that we buy. 

Now I love grids, and I may be even more of a pack-rat than Michelle suspects.  I have a drawer full of paper scraps that I can't bear to throw away and they are nicely organized in baggies by colour.  Oh brother.  But this quirk of mine made it an easy challenge for me.  I pulled out the "green baggy", and it wasn't long before:

GPP Street Team 41

I love grids and I love paper!


  1. Nice journal pages, I love your greens.

  2. Susan - yay! LOVE this grid. So simple, and yet so meaningful to you as it samples some of your faves. Bravo for keeping your scraps sorted by color....and even better, that you clipped from them for a terrific evidence page. Keep going.....Let's see red, yellow, blue..... *grin* Thanks for sharing with the team!!

  3. This is beautiful! I like your idea for storing scraps by color-brilliant!

  4. the greens are my faves! kudos for being so organized!

  5. A paper hoarder - how perfect :-) Because I scrapbook I have *lots* of paper, so I can relate. But I stand in awe of your 'filing' system. Imagine having everything sorted and ready to use? Wow!

  6. I like all these shades of green...especially the 1st square in the 3rd row of the 2nd page (if that makes sense)! That is a beautiful paper!!
    happy creations, tj in germany

  7. You have some beautiful scraps in there! And now you have a lovely page where you can see them all together.

  8. I did the same thing with my challenge :) Love all the different greens you have - so many different papers you just want to keep looking at.

    The hard part is getting them in the order you like on the page, isn't it?


  9. How can something so simple be so appealing?
    Really nice spread!

  10. Your green pages are lovely. I chose green also and I love it.