Saturday, June 19, 2010

Grid Lock and Baggies.......Again

OK, I told you I can't stop.  If you missed the earlier entry, you can read more here.

Here is a blue grid from the blue baggy:

GPP Streat Team Challenge 41 Grid Blue

There isn't so much in the pink baggy, so there are a few paint chips on this one.  But hey, they were in the baggy.

GPP Street Team Challenge 41 Pink

The yellow baggy is actually a yellow/orange baggy; I guess I don't work very much in these colours:

GPP Street Team Challenge 41 Yellow

Yeah, I just can't stop.

Happy Weekend, everyone!  I'm off to the Grind today to trade ATC's!


  1. All four are so visually stimulating - I love doing colour blockwork like this as your eyes just dance across the images like a butterfly flitting from flower to flower ...

    daisy xx

  2. Thank you for your comment on my blog, I just came over to return the visit ;) I like your grids, I like how you combined the various papers, they work so well together!

  3. Love your grids! Love the colours of the papers as well!

  4. gah! these are so much fun! what a great idea you've given us to save scraps by color in baggies, and to use them on color themed grids. awesome susan - thanks for sharing!!

  5. O my, you have more bags LOL It's such a fantastic idea, but I am afraid I am way to chaotic for that LOL Anyway, love these grids too !

  6. Yes, I love your baggie idea. All of these are lovely. I have the same situation: I can't stop making grids ha!

  7. Love your grid pages and you are right forget the deadline and keep going...