Friday, June 4, 2010

Still Stepping on the Scale

Michelle Ward's challenge to work in various size formats (see this) is still rattling around in my head, so even though I'm past the June 1 deadline I'm still "stepping on the scale".  So many of the entries have inspired me that I've got  large size, acrylic painted papers drying in the basement.  I plan to make books so they are being painted on both sides.

Here's one with paper painted only on one side:

DSCN1096 DSCN1745

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  1. hey! I didn't see this...doesn't matter if you are late...I still like to post the links on the list as we have visitors who come to be inspired by past crusades as well as current ones. (so i'm adding you!) this is a gorgeous beginning to a journal. oh my, i don't think i could cover up any of that textured loveliness. so cool to know you achieved this by painting a large paper. didn't you love it? thanks for sharing susan, regardless of the timing and bravo for trying it!