Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stamp It! 3 Ways Part 3

Please see this previous post for an explanation of my new project.  

Here's another card by Ambre Daigre.  (Please ignore the blue ribbon on the left side; it is from another card on the same page of the magazine.)

I'm seeing a couple of trends in my choices so far:
  • I'm drawn to single layer cards
  • I'm enjoying these creative uses of border stamps.  I keep buying them thinking, "Oh, how versatile!". But then they don't get used as much as I thought they would.
Here is the card I made:

Border Stamps by Autumn Leaves
Greeting by Studio G

And a few observations about my creation:
  • I'm sticking with the colours used by the original creator, but after I'm finished I can envision all kinds of other choices.  This is good for me.
  • Freed up from design decisions, I can concentrate on matching the greeting font style to the stamps.  This is good for me!  (Did I say this already?)
  • This is fun!

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