Sunday, June 26, 2016

Kickstarting the Nature Journaling

The warmer weather and Jan Blencowe have kickstarted my nature journal again.  Jan has recently been writing about the basics of nature journaling - the reasons to keep a nature journal and how to start.
I love her idea that your back yard, balcony, or local park is the best place to begin.  Having somewhere close that you will keep coming to is the most important part.  Not fancy supplies, but a place to return where you can sit and enjoy nature. 

Developing a curiosity about nature is a big part of my nature journaling.  Here you can see that I am determined to figure out what kind of nut tree we have in our yard.  The squirrels love it!  I have discovered that it is a hazelnut, and once the nuts are developed I can determine exactly what kind. 

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