Friday, June 3, 2016

Thirty Days of Bible Lettering Project

The last few days of the #30daysofbiblelettering project brought a flurry of supply experiments with them.  Here is the last page in the journal I made for the project, done with Twinkling H20's.  It is Weaver Writing, and I added a shadow with a pencil.
So the journal was finished, but the project still had a few more days to go.  This is purple gouache with white added so that it pops on the black paper.

Next, I tried out some Daniel Smith watercolors.  I only have three colors, but with the three primaries you can mix anything!  I was trying to convince myself that I didn't need the new set of Artist Loft watercolors that I had seen in this video.
I was using a new brush, a Pentel Aquash brush that I have been eyeing for months and is also used in the video .
I weakened, and bought the watercolors.  I tried them out in this final piece.  And yes, I love them for lettering.  Having all of those yummy colors already mixed is perfect for a quick quote.  It doesn't make sense to spend more time mixing than lettering. LOL 

There was one more day left in the project, but that day brought a jazzy background worth its own blog entry, so stay tuned.

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