Monday, January 9, 2017

What's My Line?

Thick and dark, evidently.

Brush Pen and Watercolor

I was fiddling with a mechanical pencil in my sketchbook recently, doing some small drawings as I read Daniel Donaldson's Creative Girl.  (The mechanical pencil is her drawing tool of choice.)  She talks in her book about "visual tension", and how her particular line is part of her recognizable style.  She challenges us to find our own style of line.

I'm enjoying reading her book, and I love looking at her bright, light drawings.  "Luminescent", my observant sister calls them.  What I didn't enjoy was doing the drawing.  I realized that what I love using is a bold pen, so I turned the page in my sketchbook and did this quick drawing of some flowers with a brush pen.  That was fun!

What's your line?

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